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"Well now: there's a remedy for everything, except death." - Miguel de Cervantes
Reasons For Making A Will

* The Majority of adults have no valid Will
* You leave unnecessarily complicated problems
* Bereavement is a difficult time to handle such problems
* Reduces distress following a bereavement
* Protects your family according to your wishes
* Brings peace of mind

What if you have no valid Will ?

* For married people, only a portion of your estate may pass to your spouse
* The Law, not you, decides how your estate is distributed
* No provision exists for unmarried partners, friends or charities
* No provision exists for same sex couples unless they are registered as civil partners
* Unmarried fathers have no legal parental responsibility
* If you have no blood relatives your estate goes to the Crown

Making a Will enables you to...

* Choose how your property and possessions are dealt with
* Appoint executors to handle your affairs, paperwork and procedures
* Create trusts for your children and direct who will look after them
* Arrange gifts or money for specific people or organisations
* Minimise and restrict your tax liabilities

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